This is the 25th year I'm dealing with "photography". In fact, I started taking pictures in 1975 and finally I could use the Internet to collect the images I love most, more than fifty, which develope various themes, from nude to portrait, from landscape to image-processing. The study of photography, the knowledge of composition, the culture of image made me think that the aim of photography is not only "to capture reality" and "to seize the fleeting moment". In my personal opinion, photography should not be used to set a limit to my creativity, my imagination and my emotions, but to create a "new reality". It was mainly in landscapes that I found what I had been looking for. It happened during the 1980s, when there was only handmade and manual work: drawings and sketches were made on the drawing board, slides were attached with adhesive tape, duplications were only amateur ones and prints were cut with scissors. But that was for me the only way to show that realism and abstraction are the same thing and both lead to the same purpose, which is to create a new reality and to give new shapes to old things.

New shapes that are not created by the eccentric pleasure of modernity or by the revolution at all costs, but because they allow the observer for the first time to see a new world of relations and armonies (or of contrast and excess) that couldn't be neither seen nor glimpsed or analyzed before. Almost all the pictures have been taken during the period 1980-1995. Since 1995 I have been replacing the manual processing with a digital one, with the aid of which I'm now developing the theme of "art nude" and processing the "landscapes" from my archive.

I'm proud to be a "not professional photographer" (I don't like the word "amateur photographer") and to be a "free spirit" who considers photography as a way "to look beyond the appearance and out of fixed schemes".



Aldo Palin was born in Gorizia in 1955. Now he is living and working in Udine. He has been dealing with photography since 1975. Before that he had devoted himself to engraving and graphics. He is a self-taught man.

He started with black and white photography and developed and printed the pictures by himself. His main themes were "the nude" and "the man and surroundings". Since 1982 the author has been placing the color side by side to the black and white and a new personal search started, which led him to the photography of landscapes. Thank to the "sandwich technique" he developed his personal view of photography. His exhibitions started: "landscape between reality and imagination", "wide spaces", "virtual landscapes" and "unreal landscapes". During the 1980s he took part to many photography contests and more than 50 times was prized and mentioned.

He took part to to many group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad and got good reviews and remarkable comments.

His personal exhibitions were held in many cities, among which are:

1985 - Udine, "Black and White Portraits"

1986 - Udine, " Different Landscapes" ,

1986 - Numana (An), "The Different City"

1987 - Spilimbergo (PN) , "Pictures" during the exhibition "Friuli Venezia Giulia fotografia"

1987 - Venezia, "Landscapes between Reality and Imagination"

1988 - Bologna, "Lonely Landscapes"

1988 - Trieste, " Personal"

1989 - Milano, "Men and Surroundings" during the SICOF (Salone della


1989 - Pavia, "Virtual Landscapes"

1990 - Cividale del Friuli (UD), "Virtual Landscapes"

1991 - Torino , "Unreal Landscapes"

1995 - Pontedera (PS) - "Nudes"

1998 - Graz (Austria) - "Landscapes"

He also worked with cultural circles and associations: he became a member of FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographers Association), he was National Counsellor of ANAF (National Association of Photographic Arts). Articles on his work and pictures were published in many specific reviews ("Fotocine '80", "Reflex" , "Fotopratica", "Zoom", "Photo Italia", "Photo France"), on "Notiziario ANAF", "Rassegna autori ANAF", "Fotoamatore" and on FIAF Yearbooks.

His pictures have also been taken to make book covers and local reviews about Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Many critics and reviewers of photography, among which are Alfredo Asteri, Valerio

Morelli and Giuseppe Turroni, wrote about his pictures.

Since 1995 he has been dealing with computer graphics and digital image processing.

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